My Repair Chronicles

Bally/Williams Repairs

Bally/Williams Switch Matrix - What the switch matrix should look like with the balls in the game and the balls out of the game.

Data East/Sega/Stern Repairs

Gottlieb Repairs

Jersey Jack Repairs

Slot Machine Repairs

Facebook Repair Tips (Rehash of all my repair tips and cleaning tips and other tips I have posted to Facebook.)

How to Assemble and Disassemble a Gumball Machine.

How to Take a Pinball Down For Storage or to Move. I added a page explaining how to prepare a game to be moved. I actually took the pictures while putting the game back together, but explained it as if I were taking it apart.

Above you will find a list of repair problems and solutions. I relied on the newsgroup. If you bought a machine from me, this may show some of the repairs that I performed on your machine. If I fixed your machine, the repairs may also be listed here.

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