We believe that customer service and support is the most important part of this business. We want to ensure you are happy with your machine or repair. Here are some customer comments:

I'm happy to recommend Purcellville Pinball's Michael Belofsky for pinball machine repair work, without reservation. We may also purchase a machine from him, but that's another story.

I found him through several personal referrals – people who I think highly of recommended Michael for both repair work, and to purchase a new or used home pinball. I had a relatively complicated repair on a Taxi (Williams). He researched the problem, came on-time, did trouble-shooting and fixed the problem, happily, so the bottom-line as to whether I would again work with him is simple: Yes, without hesitation. He knows his stuff, and I found him to be competent and very accountable. Perhaps as important, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. Hopefully, our three home pinballs will be working smoothly for a long time, but when one goes down, we now have a competent, reliable source for repairs.


Rich Fischer


"I bought the "Theatre of Magic" pin from Purcellville Pinball last November and I love it. Michael had it in excellent condition - it plays and looks like it's brand new. I was so pleased I bought a Shuffle Bowling machine from him and its great! Michael really takes pride in his games and stands by them. We had a minor technical problem just last week and he was there that night to fix it. It's nice to know when you buy machines like these, you have someone that will be there to repair them if necessary. I highly recommend buying a machine from Purcellville Pinball. You can't go wrong, great machines in excellent condition and guaranteed satisfaction."

Bob Harju
Purcellville, VA

Testimonial from a Happy Customer

I wanted to take a few minutes and describe my experience with Michael Belofsky and Purcellville Pinball. Two years ago, I knew nothing about pinball machines and looked for guidance. Everyone seems to be out to make a buck and go for the quick sale. I met Michael and he let me play every single one of his machines. He wanted me to really enjoy a game before buying it. He explained the play of each game, who made it, when it was made, and even explained what shots to go for to earn the most points. He also talked honestly about the pros and cons of each machine - it's condition physically, mechanically, and electronically. Further, Mr. Belofsky provided simple instructions on cleaning and maintenance that will keep my machines running for years to come. I have bought three machines from Purcellville Pinball. All are working well and if I run into any serious operational problems, Michael is always available to answer questions or to stop by personally to service my machine (for his very reasonable fees). He doesn't come across as a pinball salesman trying to make a quick dollar - you can immediately tell he's a pinball lover who wants you to be happy once you get it home and after playing it for months or years. I highly recommend Purcellville Pinball.

Jim Corkrey, Philomont, VA.

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Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“I can not say enough about Michael and his work. He loves what he does and he is the very best. I don't know what we would do without him. My husband recently purchased a machine from Michael. The restoration work that he did was excellent. Michael stands behind everything that he does. If you have an issue with a machine, Michael is your man. Do not go to anyone else.” September 2, 2009

Janet Dobbs