Sell Us Your Working or Non-Working Pinball Machines or Slot Machines

If you have a working or non-working pinball machine or antique slot machine, we MAY BE very interested in buying the machine. We enjoy working on machines and attempting to get them in operating condition. Even if a machine can never be made to work, sometimes the parts would be handy to have for other machines.

Selling us your machines will free up valuable space in your home and make your spouse happy!

We will not buy a machine if it is in a basement where the only exit is an inside the house staircase.

Please use the information below to contact us. We will pay cash for machines in any condition. Currently, we are looking for pinball machines in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia area.

We are only interested in cocktail Galaga and cocktail PacMan/Ms. PacMan machines. No other video games have value to us. We are not interested in moving top heavy stand up video games. Too heavy and not worth the effort.

We are not interested in new IGT, Universal, or Bally Slot machines or video machines. They are almost impossible to fix due to the proprietary nature. We also have absolutely no interest in repairing or buying EM slot machines (from the 1960s and 1970s). These are just very heavy paperweights once they stop working.

We are also not interested in Japanese slot machines with the skill stops. They are not REAL slot machines. They are fun and great for the kids, but just not real.

Here is a list of items I look for when I purchase a machine. (You can use this when you buy a game from me or others.)

Items to Look For When Buying A Pinball
Item Subtract
Missing Manual $25
Broken Plastics $200*
Broken Ramp $150 - $250*
Game Specific Motor $100 - $200 or more*
Game Specific Part $50 - $200 or more*
Cabinet: Light Scratching $200 - $400
Cabinet: Heavy Scratching/Wear No Go
Playfield: Bare Wood Areas $200 - $500 or No Go
Playfield: Wear Spots $200 - $400*
Translite Scratched or Missing $200 - $300*
Older Backglass w/artwork Flaking/Fading $200 - $400*
Older Backglass w/artwork Broken/Missing No Go
Decals Missing or Ripped $50 - $100*
Need for Cliffy Protectors $50 - $100
Boards: Missing Boards $200 - $500 or No Go
Boards: Repairs Required $200 - $300*
Displays: DMDs $250*
Displays: Older displays $200 - $300*

* Could be a "No Go" if parts are not available for the game.